Islam The True Value of Islamic Knowledge


Imam Ghazali RA Once Said

“What Is The Value Of Hearing Something… When You Don't Understand The Language?”

We Can Make This Question Relevant To Our Topic By Rephrasing It…

What Is The Value Of All The Islamic Knowledge; Grammar, Tafseer, Hadeeth, Fiqh…

If We Don't Comprehend The Knowledge Of Allah And Don't Get Closer To Him SWT?

What Good Are Our Elaborate Islamic Decorations And Beautiful Mosques Are Going To Do… If We Don't Have The Message Of Islam In Our Hearts?

Allah SWT Cursed Bani Israel For Their Knowledge And Compared Them With Donkeys Carrying Books.

It Is Not The Quantity That Allah Cares About; It Is The Quality.

Abdullah Ibn Mas'ud Said Once Talking To The Taba'een (To The Generation After The Companions) Indeed Allah's Messenger Said To Us; A People Will Recite The Qur'an But It Will Not Pass Beyond Their Throats.

By Allah! I Do Not Know…But Perhaps Most Of Them Are From Among You.

If This Is What Abdullah Ibn Mas'ud Thought Of The Taba'een, Then What Would He Say About Us?

Imam Ghazali also advised us that, in Islam knowledge of any subject has many levels.

Just like you cannot talk to a child about a gourmet meal, since he has only known the taste of milk; how can you give high level knowledge of Islam to a person who doesn't even know Allah SWT and the true magnitude of his relationship with his Lord?

This is the whole point of this article on Islam: we have lost the message of Islam.

We are emotionally and physically asleep and a sleeping or partially awake person is not only vulnerable, he is prone to making wrong decisions and acting in a detrimental way.

This in Islam is referred as ghafla which is the absence of thinking, heedlessness, weakness of Iman etc.

Unless we are fully awake and receptive, even if the guidance comes we will miss it. We can't afford to rest; if we are resting too much, we are prone to get attacked by shayateen and drift further away from Allah SWT. This is also an indication that calamity from Allah is coming to wake us up from our slumber.

Seclusion, Breaking The Nafs, Abstinence From Luxury And…Remembrance Of Allah!

Is The Awakening Of Human Heart And Soul!

Levels of getting closer to Allah

The first level of getting closer to Allah is to call Him with absolute belief.

The second level is when you start feeling the sweetness of remembrance of Allah and start a relationship with Him SWT.

The next level is to nurture this relationship and do everything in your power to try to further extend the relationship.

As we mentioned earlier, our modern lifestyle does not allow us the luxury of remaining focused and calm enough to even think about Islam.

At a time like this, how badly do we need peace, tranquility, focus, and calmness to really extract the maximum from our lives? This peace and tranquility can only be achieved through the remembrance of Allah SWT.

For without doubt in the remembrance of Allah do hearts find satisfaction.<brBest Resources of Railing Design IdeasBest Resources of Railing Design Ideas, it is possible to e mail us from the webpage.


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